On the 27th of june 2018 ECHA identified lead as a so-called SVHC substance.

Manufacturers have the obligation under Article 33 of the REACH Regulation to inform downstream users if their products consist of materials containing lead (CAS number 7439-92-1) as alloying agent by more than 0.1% by weight.

GasIQ uses brass with lead as a component in the following product groups which contain more than 0.1% by weight.

  • Optimator® I

  • Optimator® II

  • Outlet point

  • Maxex

  • Tigex

  • Minex

  • Nozzles

We hereby confirm that our products have components made of  material containing more than 0.1% lead.

At the time of writing (20210316) it is not 100% clear by ECHA how products made of brass with a lead additive of about: 4% should be identified during a life cycle perspective. We are discussing if/how products that are quasiidentical shall be treated in a common SCIP number or as separate numbers.
The lead additive in brass has the purpose of softening the material so that it can be treated in production and that the repurchase process of waste material & recycled brass today is 99% focused on this type of brass. The purpose of the identification (SCIP database) for our types of products is to be able to identify in a recycling process (in our case 10+ years later) which product it is and which substances it contains. We are currently awaiting a decision or guidance from ECHA.