GasiQ Optimator® - You must look very hard for better return on investment!

Most companies working with MIG/MAG and TIG welding know very well the price of welding wire per kilogram. But, relatively few are aware that the cost of the shielding gas is at least as high, per meter of weld. GasIQ Optimator® is designed for one sole purpose, to reduce your consumption of expensive gas, generally by 30%. Just a few months using your GasIQ Optimator® and you will get your money back - the rest is pure profit.

  • Ordinary regulators are too slow!

The Optimator® produces an optimised shielding gas flow from the very first second. Any traditional regulator will not control the initial flow surge, which is unnecessarily high, and a very expensive waste. In worst cases this excessive surge represents up to 50% of your total shielding gas consumption! The higher the freqency of starts, the more gas is wasted and more money could be earned when you change to the GasiQ Optimator®.

  • Quality without cost

The Optimator® provides optimal start flow that is approx. 25% of the initial flow of a conventional regulator. This saves you shielding gas. The smooth initial flow, in addition, enables higher quality of welds since you minimize the turbulence that often influences your welding process.

  • Optimator® in many shapes and variants

Since we are talking about quality, it is important that you should know that the Optimator® can be equipped with a lockable gas flow control. This is an advantage when you need to meet the highest welding quality demands, for instance ISO 9000 certification.

  • You should look no further for a better return on investment!

Since we have sold previous generations of GasIQ Optimator® called ELGA Optimator since the early 1980´s in 10,000s worldwide, we know that it keeps what we promise. We suggest you lower your costs for protective gas and welding wire and contact your nearest authorized GasIQ gas dealer to help you with better welding economy.

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