GasIQ is ISO 14001: 2015 certified by Lloyd's register of Quality Assurance

GasIQ works actively with finding the best possible ways to protect our precious environment and to find methods for continuous improvements in our product quality and our work environment.

We meet all the requirements to our company from laws and society and we place pride in being a good community partner for everyone.

Our daily operations utilize all available resources for return and recycle management.

Quality & Environmental Policy

GasIQ develops, manufactures and markets equipment for gas equipment with a focus on the welding and cutting industry. Quality, health, safety and the environment are all key issues and is a integrated part of our daily operations.

Our products and services shall be characterized by being innovative, of very good quality and of high availability.

Customer satisfaction is an important key figure that we measure through ongoing dialogue with our customers. The manufacturing process shall always be safe for humans and for the environment and shall have as less impact on the internal and external environment as ever possible.

We follow all laws and requirements imposed on us and find pride in doing so.

We work with continuous quality and environmental improvements through goal oriented management and follow-up. Monitoring of the efficiency of quality and environmental work is achieved by measuring, analyzing and evaluating the information.