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GasIQ Cutting Machine Plus
GasIQ Cutting Machine PlusHigh quality, compact mortar driven cutting machine with a well-earned reputation for versiality and flexibility

-for different types of fuel gas; acetylene and propane

-Continously-variable drive system with maintains a constant cutting speed even in high temperatures, Ensures problem free cuttings

-Light weight, 9,5kg makes it easy to carry

-Accessories such as straight rail and circle cutting attachments are avalible to order

-Supplied complete with houses, cuttin(model 198-4F or 198-4 depending on gas type), three cutting nozzles, tool set, instuctions and power cable

-Tiltable cutting head

-Continously variable speed control

Part no.


6711-0000GasIQ Cutting Machine Plus
6711-1000GasIQ Cutting Machine Plus

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