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Proven results

Tests show that Volvo saves at least 43% gas through the installation of Optimator®.

To check how much gas could be saved by using Optimator, the following test was performed at Volvo Bus in Uddevalla, Sweden: At one of the company's welding stations, a repetitive welding cycle is performed that takes about 60 minutes. The test consisted of allowing the welder to perform one cycle using the existing equipment and the following cycle using the Optimator. A mass flow meter with a digital counter was connected to measure the gas consumption during the two welding processes. A Check was also performed at the welding gun with a flow meter to see that the gas flow was the same for both runs. The gas flow was recorded as 18 l/minute.


Consumption of gas using existing equipment: 838 l
Consumption of gas using Optimator: 429 l

The test showed that Optimator consumed 49% less gas. To be absolutely on the safe side, an error margin of 10% wass added to the value read off the flow meter. It can therefore be stablished that Optimator saved at least 43% of the gas in this welding cycle at Volvo.

Some examples of other companies that currently use Optimator:

ABB, BMW, GM, Caterpillar, JCB, Aker Kvaerner ,Autoliv Benteler , Fiat....