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MiniCar Plus
MiniCar PlusThis is a portabel equipment unit for welding, cutting and soldering. The large wheels make the trolley easy to maneuver and pull up stairs. The extendable handle makes the MiniCar Plus compact for transport. This equipment is well suited for service jobs, plumbing, farming and hobby workshops.

Two 5-litre or 11-litre gas bottles are mounted on the handy trolley, which is CE-approved and approved for lifting. Accessories are stored in the lockable box which is mounted on the trolley.

Deliverd without gas bottles. Weight approxamately 35 kg.

Available in following options:

Part no.


3936-1000MiniCar Plus kit with control valve
3936-1100MiniCar Plus Injector system kit with lever control
3936-1150MiniCar Plus kit with lever control without regulators
3936-1200MiniCar Plus system, heating and plumbing

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