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ELGA D75 ERGOInjector type with excellent cutting and welding features for medium and thick material. The D75 ERGO is very well suited to jobs in car work shops, farming, heating and plumbing etc. Welding up to 10 mm and cutting up to 100 mm. The complete system consists of components for welding, cutting, heating and soldering.

Available in following options:

Part no.


3595-0000D75 kit with control valve
3595-0100D75 Injector system kit with lever control
3595-0200D75 system, heating and plumbing version
3595-6100D75 system, Basic
3595-6200D75 system, Basic + flame arrestor
3595-7000D75 kit with control valve + flame arrestor
3595-7100D75 Injector system kit with lever control + flame arrestor
3595-7200D75 system, heating and plumbing + flame arrestor

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