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Elga Optimator® II
Elga Optimator® IIELGA Optimator® II is a special version of the Optimator, with an extra outlet for backing gas. This is advantageous when you are using the same gas for both shielding and backing at the same time. Shielding gas and backing gas flow can be controlled separately.

Select Country/Market
3739-1010ELGA Optimator II AR/mix Top Entry
3739-1015ELGA Optimator II AR/mix 20L Top Entry
3739-2010ELGA Optimator II AR/MIX Side Entry
3739-2090ELGA Optimator II AR/MIX Side Entry Lockable
3739-4000ELGA Optimator II AR/MIX Side Entry
3739-4400ELGA Optimator II AR/H2 20+30L 300 Bar
3739-9400ELGA Optimator II AR/H2 300 Bar 20L Lockable