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Elga Optimator®
Elga Optimator®ELGA Optimator® is a high performance multi-stage regulator with built-in economizer and flow meter. It is mostly used for advanced gas shielded welding applications, where it will reduce the total welding cost by decreasing the gas consumption by up to 50%. In addition, reduced porosity sensitivity improves weld quality.

The Optimator two stage function will give stable gas flow stabil even when the cylinder pressure drops.

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Select Country/Market
3737-1014ELGA Optimator AR/H2 Top Entry Lockable
3737-1015ELGA Optimator AR/MIX 20L Top Entry
3737-1010ELGA Optimator Economiser AR/MIX 30L Top Entry
3737-1090ELGA Optimator AR/MIX 30L Top Entry Lockable
3737-2010ELGA Optimator AR/MIX Side Entry
3737-2015ELGA Optimator AR/MIX 20L Side Entry
3737-2090ELGA Optimator AR/MIX Side Entry Lockable
3737-4000ELGA Optimator AR/MIX 300 Bar NEVOC
3737-4400ELGA Optimator AR/H2 20L 300 Bar
3737-4900ELGA Optimator AR/MIX 30L 300 Bar Lockable
3738-0000ELGA Optimator CO2
3738-9000ELGA Optimator CO2 Lockable