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ELGA Maxex
ELGA MaxexElga Maxex is a heavy duty regulator designed for high gas flow. It can be used for a great variety of gases and is ideally suited for use with high performance cutting and welding systems.

Safety features include preset in-built relief valve and rubber protected gauges.

Delivered with hose connections 5,0/6,3 mm or 6,3/8,0 mm.

Select Country/Market
4204-2020Maxex Propane Side Entry Plugged
4219-0000Maxex Brewery (CO2)
4220-2000Maxex Oxygen Side Entry
4220-2020Maxex Oxygen Side Entry Plugged
4220-2100Maxex Oxygen Top Entry
4220-2120Maxex Oxygen Top Entry Plugged
4220-4000Maxex Oxygen 300 bar
4221-2000Maxex Acetylene Side Entry
4221-2100Maxex Acetylene Top Entry
4221-2120Maxex Acetylene Top Entry Plugged
4713-0000Maxex CO2
4715-2000Maxex AR/MIX Side Entry
4715-2100Maxex AR/MIX Top Entry
4715-4000Maxex AR/MIX 300 bar