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The Swedish Welding Commission
The Swedish Welding Commission is a non-profit making organization which works to support industrial companies, research institutes, government and other public agencies and organizations. The primary objectives of the Commission is to promote the research and development of Swedish welding and cutting technology and standardization, education and information in the welding field.

SIS - Swedish Standards Institute
SIS is the centre for work on standards in Sweden and a working partner in the European and global networks, CEN and ISO, of which they are also members. Together, they have produced 6,000 standards that apply internationally in the last five years alone. This can involve a number of different areas.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority
The Swedish Work Environment Authority is the administrative authority for questions relating to the working environment. They endeavour to reduce the risks of ill-health and accidents at work and to improve the working environment in a holistic perspective. They act to realize the public policy objective of a good and developmental working environment for all.

The Swedish Rescue Services Agency (SRSA)
The Swedish Rescue Services Agency (SRSA) promotes practice that improves emergency prevention and emergency response, and in the event of an emergency limits injury and damage. This is achieved, for example, by imparting information, by providing training courses and holding exercises, and through supervisory work.

Elga AB Partille 
Elga's products have been designed for companies with demanding welding applications. They offer their customers the market´s best products in combination with qualified technical support. The company has over the years grown internationally into one of Europe´s leading manufacturers of welding electrodes, wires and gas equipment.

ITW Group
ITW Welding Products is part of Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW), a Fortune 200 diversified manufacturing company with approximately 750 decentralized business units all over the world. With the highest quality products, continuous development, personal service and technical Know-How, ITW Welding has established a reputation as a serious and reliable partner at the forefront of welding technology.